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Yves Mercier, founder of the YMI Network

Yves, founder of the YMI Network, was born in the Auvergne, central France, and is fluent in French and English.


He likes sport and competition, especially rugby and skiing, which he has practiced for a long time. But above all, he has a passion for creating, implementing and facilitating, mainly in the business environment.


As an executive and entrepreneur, he has more than 30 years’ experience in innovation and change management at international level. Vision, concept, offer, strategy and operational implementation are among his most familiar words.


He is a fervent advocate of respect for the identity of the individual, which forms the basis of the Collaborative Leadership that he has practiced throughout his life, and that he champions in his book: Tomahawk or Non-Evolution, Towards a New Vision.

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“Tomahawk or Non-Evolution, Towards a New Vision”

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Introduction to the book

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