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dandelion 4-01Main experience as an executive




Bull-Transac operational merger (IT sector).




Digital Equipment Corporation Europe (IT sector).


  • After-sale services portfolio development.
  • After-sale services selling strategy development for direct and indirect channels.
  • Collaboration development between Products and Services Business Units in terms of revenue generation.
  • Initiated the “Services in a box” concept for indirect sales.

dandelion 4-01Main experience as an entrepreneur



ami dauvergne

Creation of the “Friendly food” concept and prototype “L’Ami d’Auvergne”, a planned chain of restaurants, with operational implementation of the pilot (300 seats), in London’s City district, including the international supply logistics, in partnership with an English pubs company.




Creation in the U.K. of the international network of independent partners, the YMI Network, comprising freelancers and companies to assist businesses in their evolution and expansion needs.
Main clients: ABB Corp, IFF, Avaya EMEA, NCR UK , OSIATIS, Carrefour, Thales, DATAPOINT, NSE, COCITRA, among which:



Creation, under the YMI Network banner, of an international multilingual network of services experts in charge of the AVAYA EMEA (Telecom sector) reseller and distributor audits with the mission: “To facilitate the definition and implementation of action plans to improve the quality of client services” – more than 350 audits delivered in more than 35 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Coaching of executives for “International Flavors & Fragrances” Europe (chemicals sector) with the mission of facilitating the cultural migration, in England and in France, from a hierarchical organisation cantered on itself, to a matrix organisation cantered on the client.



  • Renovation of Rix Mill, uninhabited for 25 years, and refocusing the YMI Network on Collaborative Leadership promotion.
  • Three major career transitions (transition from a French to an international professional environment with family moving abroad; transition from employee to entrepreneur in the U.K.; repatriation in France with launch of a new start-up).
  • Three changes of country (four years in Switzerland, 17 years in England, and back now to France), including adaptation to three educational systems (French, international and English) and two languages (French, English) to be managed and assimilated as a family.
  • Writing of  “Tomahawk or Non-Evolution, Towards a New Vision”.

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“Tomahawk or Non-Evolution, Towards a New Vision”

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