dandelion 4-01Objective N°1 : Experience sharing


How to innovate, create, change organisations or question ourselves in a world whose model of society does not prepare us for evolution.

This model, influenced by thousands of years of leadership that has been more directive than collaborative, largely derived from our religious past, and solely guided by financial productivity, which is the productivity of production, not of creation, is focusing essentially on the profit generated by production.


Consequently, through the intermediary of school, it mainly fashions specialised producers, without giving them an overall understanding of their environment nor any education on how to manage change. On the other hand, by smothering individuals’ own identity through the injunction “Do what you’re told” and by creating competition between them, this model does not develop the necessary qualities in people for the management of change, creativity or cooperation. This results in the compartmentalisation of functions, of cultures and mentalities which adds to conflicts of interests to produce what is usually known as “resistance to change”.


Stifled creativity needs to be reawoken, impaired communication needs to be re-established,  and ambition for the future must be stimulated: these are the challenges to be taken on for those who want to move forward.


Fortunately, in any ore, a gem can be found. To be specific, in the field of evolution management, this nugget is the unique identity of each individual. Individuals interact to make any organisation a unique mosaic of knowledge and cultures that is very difficult to replicate. This diversity represents an inestimable potential in terms of collective creativity for those who know how to orchestrate it.


Respect for the identity of the individual is fundamental for his or her creativity, motivation, cooperation and equilibrium. With this as the guiding principle of your decisions and actions, you can work miracles, overcome resistance to change, make possible the impossible, and bring to fruition any project of creation, however utopian.


How do you achieve this respect for the identity of the individual, either for managing evolution in your organisation or in your own career plan?


Sharing our experience in these areas with you is our first objective. We put at your disposal the methodologies and tools we have used and demonstrate the results we have attained during 30 years of practice.


To produce the best environment for sharing experience, thinking and creating meant finding a place that offers serenity and conviviality when hosting small working groups. We found this in Rix Mill in Burgundy, two hours from Paris, in the middle of a wonderful 5.5 hectares setting of water and meadows. This fully renovated property combines the contemporary and traditional and features all modern comfort.

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“Tomahawk or Non-Evolution, Towards a New Vision”

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