dandelion 4-01Training 2: An entrepreneurial approach to supporting career transition

What are the differences between a life goal and a business project? The subject is different, but the questions to be answered are the same.

Needs to be satisfied by your organisation:


  • Encouraging staff to know themselves better in order to facilitate their career self-management by making them responsible for their own evolution
  • Helping executives get back on their feet after redundancy by protecting them from self-censorship as well as in defining and positioning their own added value with regards to new opportunities
  • Helping staff deal with living in a foreign country as part of career transition


Support service for executives: bespoke full immersion at Rix Mill




  • Introduction to the entrepreneurial approach
    • Personal SWOT analysis
    • “I like/I don’t like” arbitration


  • How to put it into practice
    • How to  know yourself better
    • How to identify your own preferences
    • How to identify your own added value
    • How to align personality and career plan
    • How to identify possible evolution opportunities
    • How to grasp the impact on family associated with career transition


Benefits for organisations and executives:


  • Allowing executives to get an exhaustive analysis of all the evolution opportunities at their disposal by avoiding any self-censorship and giving free voice to preferences.
  • Mastering the “entrepreneurial” approach focused on respect for the identity of the individual.
  • Allowing executives to define two or three possible evolution options matching their core personal motivations, and evaluating the pros and cons for each of them in terms of personal interests, return on investment, family impact, constraints, and so on.
  • Encouraging the  “Executive – Organisation” partnership.




Yves Mercier – More than 30 years of “intrapreneurship” and entrepreneurship at international level focusing on innovation and change management (see references). Three major career transitions (transition from a French to an international professional environment with family moving abroad; transition from employee to entrepreneur in the U.K.; repatriation in France with launch of a new start-up). Three changes of country (four years in Switzerland, 17 years in England, and back now to France), including adaptation to three educational systems (French, international and English) and two languages (French, English) to be managed and assimilated as a family.


christine mercierChristine Mercier – Born in Paris, Christine is bilingual in French and English and has basic German and Spanish. She has managed international teams and has also experience as a trainer. She offers linguistic and cultural assistance to English-speaking professionals who have to communicate in French, as well as to French professionals who need to communicate in English. Click on www.french-language-consultancy.com .

Two major career transitions (from executive in France to executive in the U.K., from employee to entrepreneur); four changes of country (14 months in Cameroon, four years in Switzerland, 17 years in England, and back now to France), including adaptation to three educational systems (French, international and English) and two languages (French, English), to be managed and assimilated as a family.


Accommodation and hospitality at Rix Mill



Rix Mill: serenity, tranquillity, the ideal place to unwind, think, create…

Located in the heart of Burgundy, within  a triangle between the vineyards of Chablis, Sancerre and Beaune, Rix Mill is in the village of Rix which has 200 inhabitants, and is just 2 miles from the medieval town of Clamecy (population: 4,500), and two hours drive south of Paris.


Situated on 5.5 hectares of land and water, Rix Mill was built in 1743, pre-dating the French Revolution and combines the beautiful architecture of the era with a fully refurbished, high specification interior and the latest in high-speed internet communications.


It offers the essential serenity and comfort to allow for concentration and reflection, making it the ideal place to forget the pressures of daily life and step back to think about the future.


Yves and Christine’s conviviality, hospitality and international experience ensure personalised accompaniment to suit your specific needs.


  • Accommodation: In addition to a spacious one-bedroom cottage with mezzanine, two additional bedrooms are available if you would like to bring  a small team of collaborators on site. There is also the possibility to book additional bedrooms in the nearby town of Clamecy.
    Meal options: Meals shared with Yves and Christine Mercier provide an opportunity for sharing experiences and open discussion.
  • Collection/return service available from the airports and railway stations. If you have your own private plane or helicopter, a 900-yard runway is located less than 1 mile from Rix Mill with a private hangar.


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“Tomahawk or Non-Evolution, Towards a New Vision”

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